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MG SV - Events 2022

Hampton Court Concours of Elegance - 4 Sept 2022
The MG SV Club were again invited to display a range of cars at the prestigious Hampton Court Concours of Elegance on Sunday 4th September 2022 with the gathering of 12 SV/SV-Rs.This will be the third consecutive year the club has been in attendance and the multicoloured SV's were sure to provide much interest from the general public and car enthusiasts.

That number represents a significant number of the known 87 or so existing SV/SV-Rs and SV-Ss. You can see many pictures on the MG SV Club Facebook page…

The weather gods smiled on the event again, and the MG SV club assumed the same position as in 2021 down near the Thames. Although a little distance away from some of the eclectic Concours entries and other multi-million pound exotica, the owners were able to welcome many curious visitors. Many arrived with a knowing smile and engaged in extensive discussion with the various owners who were enjoying their picnics on the lawns. A common statement uttered was “I’ve heard of the SV, but I’ve never seen one in the flesh”.

Most visitors left more informed and more effusive over the SV/SV-Rs.

We all think the great thing about the SV/SV-R is that it is totally classless. One day we can mix with the high and mighty of the classic motoring world sipping their champagne and the next day we can turn up at an MG ‘noggin and natter’ and have a pie and pint.

In 2020 the club had the “Magnificent Seven”, and last year (2021) it was “Ocean’s Eleven”

This year it was the turn of the “Dirty Dozen” with attendees being:-  #111 Graeme in the XPower Grey ex-Maidstone Sports SV-S,
#118 Nigel in his ex-Top Gear French Titanium SV-R,
#124 John in his Dark Cobalt SV,
#129 Nigel in his Red Hot SV-R,
#136 John with his BRG SV-R ex-EVO Rowan Atkinson car,
#137 Gareth and his XPower Grey SV-R ex MG Rover Director’s (John Parkinson) car,
#139 Dominic and his 2004 Birmingham NEC Motor Show and Earls Court MPH Dusty Blue SV-R,
#140 Gareth in his Raven Black SV,
#152 Stan his Red Hot SV-R,
#155 Andy (with Cath driving) Red Hot automatic SV-R,
#181 Chris with his splendid recently completed Red SV-R
#151 Colin in his  Mirror Silver ex John Towers (MG Rover Chairman in 2005) SV-R car.

Naturally all the owners are thankful again to Gareth for his superb organisational skills.

Report by Colin Withers MG SV-R #151

More details can be found on the Concours of Elegance website.. LinkHERE

Classic Car Show - NEC 11 to 13 November 2022
Although though the MG SV made its UK debut at this venue in October 2002 and cars have been displayed singly on many occasions since that initial time, this will the MG SV Club's first unique stand at the Annual Classic Car Show.

More details can be found on the NEC Classic Motor Show website.. Link HERE