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MG SV - Downloads and DVD's

Workshop Manuals

Pages 1 to 50

  Pages 51 to 100

  Pages 101 to 150

  Pages 151 to 200

Background Video
Parts Catalogue
Promotion Video

Have a look at the Background of the SV production and interesting ideas for XPOWER.....

The Background

Download the full SV Parts list and exploded Images .....

Parts Catalogue

Have a look at the First Press Teaser Video......
(just listen to that noise)

Promo DVD

Engine Build
Gearbox Manual
Paint Process

Detailed Engine
Build instructions - 

Thanks to Club Member Brian Payne for this information.

Engine Build Manual

Detailed Tremac
Gearbox Manual - 

Thanks to Club Member Brian Payne for this information

Gearbox Manual

Detailed Process for Painting and Refinishing the Carbon Fibre Bodywork.

Detailed Paint Process

Selected Selections
copy of Handbook

Drivers Handbook

MG SV - Magazine Reports

Classic and Sportscar
SV-R #136 K99SVR

Classic Motoring
SV-R #110 BX54AXH

MG Enthusiast
SV-R  #139 Dusty Blue

MG Safety Fast USA
Kentucky 2016 
MG SV-S #104

Modern Classics
MG SV #107 BX53AUR

MG Enthusiast Buyers Guide #139 SV-R

Classic MG  Spring 2016
MG SV-S #104

MG Enthusiast
SV-R  #126

MG Enthusiast
SV-R  #150

MG Enthusiast
SV-R  #152

MG Enthusiast
SV-R  #156

MG SV - Useful Specialist Contacts

XKE Engineering
- XK Engineering - Bodywork and full build facilities

Brembo Brakes - OE Brakes
Sean Hylamd Motorsport - OE Engine builders and tuners
Roush or Engine builders and tuners
Scorpion Exhausts -- OE Exhaust systems
David Price Engineering - David Price Racing
CIX - XP3 prototype
Vaccarie Bosi - Chassis
Anderson & Ryan - Upholstery
Omitec - Telematics (System should be disconnected to conserve Battery power)
SPS Systems - Carbon Fibre shell manufacturer
J A Wiring Design Ltd - Designed the SV Wiring!
OZ wheels - supplier of alloy wheels (SV listed)
EUROGLAS - Mr Stuart Robertson on 07798 651419 or 01527 577477 for SV Glass.
Scorpion Exhausts -- OE Exhaust systems