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Front FRP3028H DS 2500 - £150.00
Rear FCP1348H DS2500 - £87.50

Above are Ferodo Pads to suit our Brembo Brakes supplied by BG Developments www.bgdevelopments.co.uk

Rear HandbrakePads - AP Racing. CP4186D39XX-F222

Information supplied by SVR (login name on the Forum) who also says, .................
.....................   "Can approve of Ferodo 25000 as used on track days and are superb".

Tremec Gearbox Service Files - click to enlarge. Courtesy of Brian Payne.

The following is a PDF file linking to the Tremec T3650 Service manual (60 pages)

SVR Clutch Replacement Parts

Brian Payne replaced his clutch on his SV-R due to a starter ring failure.


Below is a PDF sheet explainng the procedure along with 2 pictures! The first shows the starter ring failure

where it's attachment to alloy flywheel.


Brian replaced it with the following components


Steel flywheel M6375-G46 8 bolt

King Cobra Pressure plate M7563-C302N

Clutch disc M-7550-A302N

PDF Sheet explaining the Procedure - Click here!


The complete assembly comes as Mustang HD "King Cobra" Clutch Kit M7560-C302N.

This assembly will fit the SV also in place of modular iron flywheel assembly.

Oil Filter

Actual Filter used by SnR: Motocraft FL-820S (F1AZ-6731-BD). Dreadnought can supply!

UK Equivalent is from a Mondeo ST220 - FRAM PH2 or Cooper ZI 200

Engine Diagnostic Connector

THE ORIGINAL IMAGE HAS BEEN REMOVED FOLLOWING A REGUEST BY J FLINT TO REMOVE ALL HIS IMAGES FROM THIS SITE.......................................................   This is the connector that is used for engine fault diagnosis using an adapted MGR device or a standard Ford device.

When the car is connected to a Ford diagnostic unit it is immediately recognized as a Ford 4.6 engine (even though these cars are not imported into the UK).

Windscreen & Glazing

Uroglass 01527-577477 SV importer of screens,or contact Stuart Robertson on 07798-651419

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