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The MG XPower SV has been designed to be both light and very strong – true to the ethos of a real sports car. In a bold departure from the traditional materials of steel or aluminium panels, the body of the SV is created from composite carbon fibre, using a ground-breaking process new to the motor industry. The body panels have the same stiffness as steel but at only 25 per cent of the weight, make a massive contribution to the key requirements for a performance sports car.

Peter Stevens is world renowned in car design circles and was most notably stylist and aerodynamics specialist for the 240mph McLaren F1, the world’s fastest production car by some considerable margin for many years. He has also worked on other supercars such as the Jaguar XJR 15 and was the Head of Design for a time at Lamborghini. Other credits include designing the highly acclaimed front-wheel-drive Lotus Elan of the early 1990s and winning the 2002 Autocar Designer of the Year award.

The SV features an immensely strong box frame chassis allied to a uniquely constructed carbon fibre body shell which is instrumental in keeping the kerb weight to a competitive 1540kg and the centre of gravity as low as possible.

The steel chassis, coil springs, front and rear double wishbone suspension have been developed by Vaccari and Bosi in Modena in collaboration with the MG’s own experienced chassis development team.

In a bold departure from normal practice, a composite carbon fibre body using a ground-breaking process new to the motor industry, is used instead of more traditional steel or aluminium. With techniques developed by the UK based SP Group the body panels have the same stiffness as steel but at only 25 per cent of the weight, a key requirement for a performance sports car.

The SV's component parts are built wherever the best skills and talents lie. The chassis, for example, is constructed in the very epicentre of supercar construction, Modena.

Once an SV is completed each car undergoes a full road test around Warwickshire in order to check all the SV's systems in the real world. Then it's the time for one lucky owner to take delivery...


The exterior of any sports car is what gets noticed first. Aesthetics are one thing, but the SV looks the way it does for a reason. The SV needs to cut through the air and remain stable and sure footed from 20 mph to 200 mph and beyond.

"It's almost like Peter can see the air."
Chief Engineer, Giordano Casarini

Fortunately the SV's shape was decided by the very best in the business; Peter Stevens. Peter has worked for names such as Lotus, Lamborghini, TWR, and famously styled the McLaren F1. The SV is his latest design, and it's one he's rather proud about.

The exterior bodywork of the SV is formed in carbon fibre, the very material that Formula One cars are made from. This means that the body of the SV weighs in at a quarter of the weight it would have done had steel been used.

The SV has run at over 200 mph at Nardo in Italy and remained perfectly stable at this speed, a testament to the advanced aerodynamics it possesses. That it also looks fantastic is just the icing on the cake.



This is the place that everyone will want to be, inside the SV.

The SV's first class performance is complemented by its distinctive interior. In keeping with its sporting heritage both front seats are specified with full inertia four belt harnesses which are lockable for serious driving by the flick of a switch.

The trim is to your choice of six leather finishes. Competition seats and fascias can be specified in a combination of leather and Alcantara allowing your SV to be just the way you want it.

When you desire a change from the soundtrack provided by the V8 engine, a superb hi-fi system with the very best Infinity speakers is there for your pleasure.

The SV is a car to be enjoyed, and the best place to be is inside. 

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